Why contact a staffing agency for temp or temp to perm employment? Here are 5 great reasons to partner with a staffing service when you are in the throes of a job search.

Reason #1:  Temp work is a great way to gain new skills which can benefit you on your resume.  Heard this before? “Try it, you might like it!” You may just find out that you truly like an assignment if you try it out. You may even find that you have a passion for it.  Marry the two, and that’s fulfillment. This is your opportunity to experiment.

Reason #2:  If you are a new graduate seeking full time employment and have not yet found a job, temporary job can be praise worthy; it can help you fill the employment gap between school and the full time employment you are seeking. Most career experts agree that large gaps in employment can be a “red flag” to potential employers, whether it is between school and your first job -- or between jobs.

Reason #3:  You may find yourself in need of a short term job.  Perhaps you are seeking temporary employment for various “life space” reasons. No brainer, a temp job can be a godsend.

Reason #4:  If you have found yourself in the permanent job search for a while, a temporary placement may be just what you need. Get moving!  Newton’s first law of motion states this: “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction…”. This occurs without any unbalanced force acting upon it. We all know just how hard it is to move once you have been at rest!  A temp job can be the catalyst to the momentum you so desire.

Reason #5:  Working in a temp to permanent position is a great way “to get your foot in the door” en route to a permanent career. You have the ability to show the employer what you can do and let your actions prove your words. With both feet pointed “in the right direction”, you’ll find there’s nothing like being in the right place at the right time. If you do a good job for the assigned company and have a great attitude, that door may open wide and a permanent job just may be yours!

These five reasons only scratch the surface when it comes to reasons to seek employment with a staffing service. It can be an advantage to you, whether you are seeking temporary placement out right, want to secure permanent employment through a temp to permanent job or want to minimize unnecessary employment gaps.  Your job with a staffing service can open a door to a brighter future. Be sure to include the staffing agency as an essential part of your upcoming job search.


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