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Motivation is clearly one key factor that helps an employee grow toward his/her peak performance in a career. By seeking to understand each employee and what motivates them, you can help him/her achieve short and long-term employment goals. Here are 6 proven ways to help motivate employees to reach their full potential in the workplace:…
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The Value of Excellent Customer Service Everyone knows that a business with good customer service makes a difference in the way a customer feels about the company with which they do business. It’s a “no brainer”.  But how much of a difference does it really make? According to Entrepreneur magazine, a whole lot! They state…
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Organizational skills go far in any career. Why? Now, more than ever, companies are looking for employees who are organized and are concentrated on their work and responsibilities. No matter what level of job you are applying for, this is true. Time is of the essence. While not everyone is born with this soft skill, organization…
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What is the definition of work? From a technical, mechanical standpoint, work is oftentimes defined as a physical force causing the movement—or displacement of an object. The basic calculation is actually quite simple: W = Fd In this equation, "W" stands for work, "F" is the force, and "d" represents displacement (or the distance the…
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