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On Being Grateful

Every day we have a new opportunity to choose to be grateful. Although not easy in today’s hurried life, we can always find something to be thankful for. In this, we can find a peace for living today and even a vision for tomorrow. American author, Melody Beattie knows this. She penned the following words:…
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As a company attempting to select a great staffing organization, how does one go about choosing the best employment agency? We believe it starts with a partnership. First and foremost, most of our clients report that they are in need of a provider that can deliver the talent they need, right when they need it.…
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Motivation is clearly one key factor that helps an employee grow toward his/her peak performance in a career. By seeking to understand each employee and what motivates them, you can help him/her achieve short and long-term employment goals. Here are 6 proven ways to help motivate employees to reach their full potential in the workplace:…
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The Value of Excellent Customer Service Everyone knows that a business with good customer service makes a difference in the way a customer feels about the company with which they do business. It’s a “no brainer”.  But how much of a difference does it really make? According to Entrepreneur magazine, a whole lot! They state…
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