Organizational skills go far in any career. Why? Now, more than ever, companies are looking for employees who are organized and are concentrated on their work and responsibilities. No matter what level of job you are applying for, this is true. Time is of the essence. While not everyone is born with this soft skill, organization may be developed through education, work, and life experiences. The benefits of being organized may be obvious to you, but in case they are not, here are a few thoughts.

Let’s start with the most obvious. Good organizational skills can affect every aspect of your job, career and even life. There are many good reasons you might want to acquire these skills if you aren’t already “a natural” in this area. First and foremost, organizational skills will help you to structure your thoughts, tasks, and ultimately, your time, in a systematic way. Who couldn’t use an extra 30+ minutes a day by simply being well organized? Secondly, good organizational skills will actually benefit your work performance. By staying orderly, multi-tasking can be done more easily, if that is what the job requires. Meeting deadlines becomes easier and serious mistakes may be avoided. It goes without saying that we all want to avoid making mistakes that are costly to everyone involved in the workplace.

Need help in developing these skills? If so, here's a place to start. Most researchers agree that too many items crowding your work-space can make you feel overwhelmed. Simply by cleaning up “non-essentials” in your work area, whether it’s putting away those things on your desk that you don’t need or tidying up your work area in general, you may be able to think more clearly. Next, you might try this; it is helpful to make a list of task/action items at the beginning of each day. With the end in mind, it is helpful to "map the day out" in advance. Lastly, if this question is a familiar one, “Now, where did I put that?” try placing your items in their designated areas. If items are always stored in the same place at work, it takes only a short time to find them. If you need a quicker way yet to find your items, try labeling your drawers and storage spaces.

Hopefully, these ideas will get you started or help you be even more structured. Having these organizational skills will be a huge benefit to your employer which in turn makes you more marketable in your career. Your structured approach at work will spill over to your personal life by saving you valuable time and energy at home as well. Now, that’s a “win-win” all the way around—life benefits abound. Happy organizing!

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