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What is the definition of work? From a technical, mechanical standpoint, work is oftentimes defined as a physical force causing the movement—or displacement of an object. The basic calculation is actually quite simple: W = Fd In this equation, "W" stands for work, "F" is the force, and "d" represents displacement (or the distance the…
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Sticking to one’s New Year’s resolutions is not easy for most. There are some proven ways that will help you so that you will not lose sight of those goals by the second week in February this year. Who sticks to their New Year's resolutions and who doesn't? Business and life coach, Tony Robbins, claims…
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Slow or Even Stop the Revolving Door Let’s face it. Sometimes our Top Talent decides to walk. We are left asking ourselves, “What in the world just happened”?! Our employees seemed happy one moment and the next moment they are “out the door”. Although we know that ultimately some will not stay with us for…
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