With more than 65 years of combined industry experience, competitive rates and a 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee you can have confidence that you're working with the best!

At Purcell Staffing, we don’t take staffing lightly. When company professionals, owners, HR professionals, managers and supervisors, are asked what gives them confidence in a staffing service; the answer is almost always the same.  In order to get a “thumbs up”, clients claim that they want to do business with a staffing service with a “ton of experience” and “knows the ropes”.  They are looking for a company with integrity, accountability, and one that has developed diverse techniques and established relationships that continue to supply the staffing service with quality personnel to meet their workforce needs.  It’s also important that a staffing service adds value to their company and never stops listening.

We are listening to what you have to say.  With a long tenure of experience in the industry, you have the ears of the entire staff, and we are determined to send you the most qualified candidates possible.

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