Sticking to one’s New Year’s resolutions is not easy for most. There are some proven ways that will help you so that you will not lose sight of those goals by the second week in February this year.

Who sticks to their New Year's resolutions and who doesn't?

Business and life coach, Tony Robbins, claims that there are two factors involved, “clarity of purpose and a plan. He says that “those who stick to their resolutions have an understanding of why they are doing what they are doing.” He goes on further to say that “there has to be a larger motivating drive underpinning the goal, and when you do set your goals…be sure they make you truly excited.”

When you have decided on your goal(s), whether they are to eat better, exercise more or to gain employment, write them down on paper every day. Then, post them on your refrigerator, on your mirror or other highly visible place. This is a great way to see it, remember it…and do it! More forward. Never lose sight of your goal(s).

Hoping that 2018 brings about some exciting new things for a happier and healthier you!


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