As a company attempting to select a great staffing organization, how does one go about choosing the best employment agency? We believe it starts with a partnership.

First and foremost, most of our clients report that they are in need of a provider that can deliver the talent they need, right when they need it. We, at Purcell Staffing, are aware that this should be the focus of a great staffing agency and want to provide you with some factors to consider when choosing the best organization to fulfill your staffing needs.

Great staffing organizations will:

  • Take the time to understand the client’s needs, not just fill orders. Each company is unique and has a set of goals they want to achieve.
  • Know a client’s need for the perfect candidate. With excellence in staffing, a placement coordinator can pull from backgrounds of people who have been successful in doing the type of work that is being requested, and place them.
  • Deliver messages to the client as quickly as possible. This immediacy leads a staffing organization to sets policies that support responsiveness. They should provide you with ways to always be able to contact them, even after hours.
  • Do what they say they are going to do. They focus on consistently keeping commitments.
  • Get feedback from the client quickly. After taking a job order, a quick response will help with quality work and ensure interaction and successful communication between client and staffing organization.
  • Offer custom options. Let’s face it, each company’s values are different. They focus on customized service options.
  • Have a great pipeline. Pools of talented people waiting for the right temp or full time opportunities to come along is essential to success.

Prospective clients, talk to us today about how we stand out from others. We want to earn your trust, provide value for your business, and partner with you to meet your goals. Call 502-968-5022 and get started today!

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