As a new candidate for employment, what section do you think matters most on a resume--experience, education, or past employment?  While all of these are necessary and important, one of the most overlooked pieces of information on an employment application is “skills”.  That is, if basic and specialized abilities are not included on the resume, some experts say you are missing the most valuable piece of information an employer would want to know about you.

Think of this, if HVAC was listed on my application but I didn’t indicate that my skills included work on both residential and commercial air conditioners, I would be selling myself short when applying for a position with a commercial company.  The skill set is definitely different for those working in the commercial realm.  I might list more specialized skills, if any, such as commissioning, petrochemical, engineering, maintenance, piping, inspection, or electrician.  The question is this.  Can you identify those specialized skills that you have that others may not have?  Do you have skills specific to the job you are applying for?  This list will show the staffing professional what you will be able to do on the first day when hired.  Sure, you’ll have some descriptive skills such as good organizational skills or good communication skills, but you won’t want to miss out on promoting what you can do.

Next, when you have your list in mind, write these key skills right into your job description on your resume.  You will also benefit from a designated skills section.  You are uniquely you, and your skills are what make you the person you are.  Keep in mind, with your skills plainly visible on your resume, it is a sure way to get the attention of your interviewer.  Your staffing professional should be able to match you to the right job.  Even better, you may be put to work right away!

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