Results from the American Staffing Association (ASA) Workforce Monitor Survey are in!  The Harris Poll surveyed online job seekers from December 22-28, 2015 on the strategies that EFFECTIVE job seekers prefer MOST.  Results were reported in the July/August 2016 issue of the Magazine of the ASA.  We thought you might be interested.  Here are some key takeaway points:

  1. More than three in four job seekers (77%) say that they prefer human interaction when looking for work. Three of five top ways to land a job are “high touch” with the highest percentages being “word of mouth", contacts, and staffing companies.
  2. Job seekers like technology, which offers them visibility.  In a world of job board websites, and job aggregates, like ZipRecruiter, new careers are at the seeker’s fingertips.  Many job seekers (46%) use job boards, employer and networking websites.
  3. Four in ten job seekers (42%) report using a staffing company during their job hunts.

Overall, according to the survey, today’s job seekers tend to use a mixture of approaches to search for their next position.  By taking advantage of human interaction while also tapping into the convenience of web-based tools and resume sharing, these strategies are a winning combination for many job seekers these days.

We, at Purcell Staffing, believe that these combined trends will steadily increase over the next decade as people become more aware that technology has made finding a job easier and that “high touch” is effective in landing a job.  People are also becoming increasingly aware that staffing companies can give them an edge in their job searches.  The greatest percentage of people surveyed believe that human interaction leads to job offers, and that's where we come in--to help you find a career opportunity that's more than just a job.  It takes "high touch" to do just that.  We are looking forward to helping you in your next search.


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