Some jobs are short term. Even if a temporary job may have a short duration, taking it could prove to be a wise option in the long run. Here are 5 super reasons to consider taking a temporary job.

  1. Jobs are increasing in length. Most temporary agencies would agree that the length of temporary jobs today has increased significantly over the past several years. Although there are some shorter term day or week jobs, a lot of temporary work is now contractual in nature. People may work for up to six months on a contract. Many jobs are temporary to permanent and for a good working employee, there may be a chance for hire with a company permanently.
  2. It can lift you up emotionally. The cycle of restlessness and hopelessness can be broken by taking a job. Structure, purpose, and meaning can be given to your life, even if it is short term. There are psychological benefits to being employed and entering the labor pool for whatever duration comes your way.
  3. You become more experienced. Hands on experience comes from doing; picking up new skills can open new doors for you, even in more different industries than you imagined. By picking up new jobs, experience can be gained while waiting for a longer term position. Couple experience with a willingness to work overtime when needed, and you will likely catch the attention of your supervisor or overseer.
  4. New assignments can help with your future direction. By trying out a temporary assignment, you may understand your “next step” in continuing on a career path. Existing skills plus new skills can give new direction. You may be surprised what you may learn about yourself and what you want for your future, by taking the temporary assignment.
  5. It will stretch your abilities further. Future companies will likely be impressed by a person’s desire to try new things, and to work in a field that is outside one’s expertise to improve skills. Skills are added in most any job from organizational skills to specialized skills that can be learned. Making a decision to work is better than not working at all. By avoiding resume gaps, you will help your future employability.

Hopefully, you gathered some points on temporary employment and how positive it can be on your future. If so, jump in, gather the skills, learn more about yourself and feel better about your future while you are doing it. You will be glad you did.

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