What is the definition of work?

From a technical, mechanical standpoint, work is oftentimes defined as a physical force causing the movement—or displacement of an object. The basic calculation is actually quite simple:

W = Fd

In this equation, "W" stands for work, "F" is the force, and "d" represents displacement (or the distance the object moves).

If we look for a definition online, we see that Merriam-Webster defines work as: fulfilling duties regularly for wages or salary. defines work as: a job, doing something to earn money. Both infer work is paid. You may be paid to push a broom on an industrial warehouse floor, lift and carry a box across a room, or even pick up a phone to answer a business call at the office. There are many things you could do.

Now, let’s be realistic though. Not all work is paid. Collins dictionary defines unpaid in this way: “if you do unpaid work or are an unpaid worker, you do a job without receiving any money for it.” Unpaid work should not be underestimated and is essential to daily life. This type of work can have other rewards. For example, if we clean our homes, the benefit is cleanliness and for most of us, satisfaction.

Interestingly, an additional definition of work by Merriam-Webster is this performing or carrying through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations.

So, whether you are working for wages to pay off debt or not, work requires energy or effort and repetition. Through this, one thing is for sure; hard work always pays off. Should you need help finding paid work, Purcell Staffing would be more than happy to discuss the options that are best for you given your qualifications. Call for an appointment today.

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