Slow or Even Stop the Revolving Door

Let’s face it. Sometimes our Top Talent decides to walk. We are left asking ourselves, “What in the world just happened”?! Our employees seemed happy one moment and the next moment they are “out the door”. Although we know that ultimately some will not stay with us for long - if our doors are revolving quickly, it’s time to look at what we are doing. It’s time to do our best to slow a cyclical door down, with a much slower attrition rate.

Why be concerned about it? Turnover can cause decreased productivity, lower employee morale, and impact our bottom lines. What we do know is that highly satisfied employees don’t often seek employment elsewhere. Sometimes it can take change on our part; there are things we can do.

Here are some suggestions to help:

  • Potential for Advancement – How many of our employees feel their jobs are not going anywhere? Most top talent employees want to grow. Communicating a future with the employee is so very important. Most employees are looking for some type of advancement, either in title, or compensation, or both.
  • Purpose – Do our employees feel they are part of something larger than themselves? This is true especially of our millennials. Although most employees want to help the company individually, most top performers want to see that their efforts really count for something on a larger scale. They want to “make a difference”.
  • Flexibility – How much flexibility in the workplace do we offer our employees? Becoming increasingly important in the workplace today is flexibility in an employee’s daily routine or work requirements. Even some type of creativity or time away from desk work is key for most top achieving employees.
  • Positive Work Environment – Are we creating a positive work environment? Glass “half full” statements are always a plus, and creating a fun environment is a BONUS. An easy way to create buzz is to hold a departmental or business wide fun event or two where all can participate. Perhaps going on an outing together, donating toward a cause, or throwing a “success” party when goals are met will go far.
  • Acknowledging Achievements – Do we offer enough individual acknowledgement for accomplishments to allow our top talent to feel valued or appreciated? If someone goes out of their way to promote the company’s vision, we can make them aware. Better yet, let others know around them as well. There’s nothing like public recognition.

Your business depends on good talent. We’re here to help in any way we can – and help you find new employees. Let’s slow and possibly even stop the revolving door together.

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